What exactly is Wedding Photography?
Even after 10 years in Japan, and 5 years in Hawaii, this is a challenging question.

Am I being able to take photos from their viewpoint?
Am I being able to not only keep records for my clients, but also create memories?
I ask myself and face this question everyday.

Hawaii is filled with many Wedding Photographers in both good and bad ways.
What I have been doing for the past 5 years here in Hawaii, and what I strive to continue doing, is to capture people’s “Hearts”, not the wedding.

There are so many “Hearts” to capture in a wedding, and I strive to capture many as possible with my team.

Capture with the heart, Capture for the heart.


Photogenic in Spanish.
We named our brand with a word that is towards our photo subject so we could always be in our client’s perspective.
There are Hearts in fotogénica’s photos. We shoot Hearts at fotogénica.


Welcome to fotogénica’s world.


fotogénica Representative Makoto Ishii






After studying photography in the states, Makoto has been a photographer for 15 years. He has been in charge of many celebrity wedding shoots in Hawaii, Japan and other resort areas. He is able to capture “a slight moment like air”, “a split second of being natural”, “a charming time” and “heart touching moments”. Makoto is a true photographer who always keeps in mind to “shoot photos with heart”.


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